Insight into Action, on Purpose.

Truly Productive Leadership is only possible when action, awareness, and purpose are all aligned.

Take Action

How do you maintain the integrity of your agreements with yourself and others, and do what you say you'll do?

When you have a sustainable way to manage your agreements and your actions are aligned with who you really are and what is most meaningful, they will be more impactful and maybe even revolutionary.

Know Thyself

What are your strengths, opportunities, and blindspots? Who are you beyond these patterns of personality

When you can hold your work and life as a practice field for your own development, every day holds new potential new insight and you're able to continue to grow and self-correct based on what you discover about yourself.

For the Sake of what?

Why are you here?

When you stay in contact with the higher purpose of your work and life, and act in alignment, your actions can become a pure expression of who you are. This is fulfillment.

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“You cannot manage other people unless you manage yourself first.”


As a leader today you have to produce greater results with fewer resources and less time than ever before.

You want to have a positive, lasting impact on your organization’s bottom line, as well as on the growth and development of your teams. And you want to live an engaged, balanced life, full of rich experiences and meaning.

But how can you continue to grow and develop with today’s flood of emails, decisions, and distractions constantly pulling you from what’s truly important? When you’re caught in the immediate and feel out of balance, the deeper work of growing as a leader can feel out of reach, or even impossible.

What makes me unique as a coach?

My sweet spot is supporting leaders for whom the development of deeper leadership competencies is being blocked by an underlying issue of lack of balance, stress, or poor self-management. Build capacity for greater balance and relaxed focus, and the real work of developing yourself as a leader can begin.

I offer a unique combination of workflow coaching and leadership coaching. Workflow coaching builds the very practical habits that enable an ongoing sense of balance and the ability to get more of the right things done with less stress. Leadership coaching develops underlying leadership competencies and behaviors through an iterative process of feedback, self-reflection, and behavioral practice.

Through this unique process, I help clients become truly productive leaders who develop greater self-awareness, get more essential work done, and reconnect with what really matters.

  • “ Through his perfect balance of thoughtful questions and disciplined practices, Michael has opened my mind to aspects of leadership, personality, and life that I never even knew existed.”

    Chris Villar, Founder & CEOFrontPoint Security
  • “I am astonished at the depth and breadth of the development process that Michael guided me through. Through our conversations and the practices that he offered, I gained tools that I could use to continue growing and developing on my own.”

    Cianna Stewart, DirectorTencue Productions
  •  “He is a master productivity coach and an expert at helping leaders stay in control of their ever-increasing lists of commitments. We have asked him back to work with all of our managers.”

    Steve Harriott, President & CEOWatchFire Signs
  •  “Now I feel more free to say no to the things that are not aligned with what really matters, and I’m more able to stay connected to my deeper sense of purpose. My stress level went down and I now experience greater joy and satisfaction with what I choose to do.”

    Cianna Stewart, DirectorTencue Productions
  • “Not only did Michael help me implement a system that has helped me become more organized and productive, but he also helped me improve as a leader via a deeper understanding of myself, my own habits, and those of my team.”

    Phil Pearson, VPFrontPoint Security
  • "I was a mess when Michael got hold of me. I had minimal systems for downloading tasks and projects from my head to my computer and was carrying all that with my very leaky memory. Consequently I felt low-grade chronic anxiety and distraction. Now my head is lighter and my computer fuller because he’s put in place systems that I use routinely that work. Many thanks Michael!"
    Richard Schwartz, Ph.D.Developer of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model of psychotherapy