Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

We all have times in our career when the skills and strategies that got us to where we are, aren’t enough to get us to where we’re going. But without the help of a skilled leadership coach to challenge our assumptions and guide the process, it can be very difficult to get out of our own way.

Do you:

  • Need to develop your leadership impact to prepare for a promotion?
  • Get feedback that your communication style could be more effective?
  • Need to make the leap from an executional role to a higher level management role?
  • Want to create a more positive organization culture, reduce conflict, and improve team alignment?

In order to develop as leaders we must first deepen our understanding of the patterns of thought, feelings and behaviors that we are caught in and perhaps blind to. As we become more aware of these old patterns, they begin to lose their grip. Then, driven by our emerging freedom, we begin to practice new behaviors and new ways of being which, over time, integrate and become a natural part of how we show up as leaders. Learn more about Michael’s philosophy.

The goal of every coaching engagement is sustained change and the cultivation of an ongoing orientation toward growth and development.

The coaching process begins with a thorough intake conversation and collection of 360-degree assessments. Based on what we learn, we work together to identify core issues and define the purpose of your coaching program, as well as the specific competencies you’ll be working on. Most of the real “work” is done by you, between sessions, through a combination of focused self-observation, one-off exercises, and practices custom-designed to build the specific skills or competencies you’re developing. In our coaching conversations we explore what you are learning, address difficulties, and deepen your insights.


“You’re all perfect exactly how you are, and there’s always room for improvement.”
– Suzuki Roshi

  • “With his guidance and coaching, I have developed extremely valuable skills and have discovered a new depth in my leadership style, connection with others, and overall sense of satisfaction.”

    Steve DeYoe, VPFrontPoint Security
  • “ Through his perfect balance of thoughtful questions and disciplined practices, Michael has opened my mind to aspects of leadership, personality, and life that I never even knew existed.”

    Chris Villar, Founder & CEOFrontPoint Security
  • “I am astonished at the depth and breadth of the development process that Michael guided me through. Through our conversations and the practices that he offered, I gained tools that I could use to continue growing and developing on my own.”

    Cianna Stewart, DirectorTencue Productions