Workflow Coaching

Workflow Coaching

Get more of the right things done with less stress, using less energy.

The business landscape is getting more complex, more interconnected and changing more often than ever before.  As a leader, it can be difficult to maintain a sense of balance amidst the increasing flood of emails, information, and ever-shifting priorities.

Do you:

  • Need to be more strategic but get sucked into the weeds too much?
  • Have a hard time keeping up with everything you need to focus on and prioritizing effectively?
  • Feel out of balance or have a difficulty with over-commitment?
  • Sometimes feel out of control and stressed because things are falling through the cracks?

Workflow coaching will enable you to improve your ability to get more of the right things done, keep your head clear, and sustain a sense of balance and perspective about your work and life.

My approach to workflow coaching is heavily informed by the work of David Allen, widely considered to be the productivity guru of this era. David is the originator of the GTD® approach to personal productivity, based on his book, Getting Things Done. I developed my expertise in this area during my five-years as a Senior Coach at the David Allen Company. Although I no longer work with David Allen, I incorporate many of the ideas and practices I learned from him into this work.

A workflow coaching engagement typically lasts between two-to-three months, includes a mix of on-site and video coaching, and is often the first stage in a broader coaching engagement. I also offer fully-virtual workflow coaching for those who prefer this.

“Most of us have, in the past seventy- two hours, received more change- producing, project- creating, and priority- shifting inputs than our parents did in a month, maybe even in a year.” 
– David Allen

How workflow coaching typically unfolds


Learn the Principles

How can you keep yourself productive and focused amidst the flood of emails, meetings, and ever-changing priorities? It’s all about keeping your head clear and your commitments defined somewhere other than your head! We start by exploring the fundamental principles and practices that enable this.


Get up and Running

Moving beyond the theoretical to the practical, we work together using all of your real “work” — including emails, notes, and reference — as the practice field to create a customized self-management system. As you practice clarifying and organizing your work, your new system—and trust in that system—emerge.


Refine your Practices

After the initial process of setting up your system and getting current with all of your work, now it’s time to keep up the practices and transform them into trusted habits. We continue to work together through follow-up coaching sessions so that you can learn from your experience and deepen the impact of your new habits.

Truly Productive Leadership is not a representative of, affiliate of, or endorsed by David Allen, The David Allen Company or the David Allen Academy.

  • “I am more productive than I have ever been in my life and have made tremendous improvements in my personal health and well-being.”

    Steve DeYoe, VPFrontPoint Security
  •  “He is a master productivity coach and an expert at helping leaders stay in control of their ever-increasing lists of commitments. We have asked him back to work with all of our managers.”

    Steve Harriott, President & CEOWatchFire Signs