Transform Your Leadership

Getting in your own way as a leader?  Whether you’re the CEO or a mid-level manager, leadership coaching will help you expand your self-awareness and develop your leadership effectiveness.


Be Truly Productive

Are you focusing your attention on what really matters in your work and life?  Workflow coaching will help you get more of the right things done with less stress, using less energy.


Michael helped me discover how I’d been getting in my own way, and take on new practices to gain freedom from these long-held patterns.


Sr. Vice President, Merrill Lynch 

  • “Michael beautifully balances the tactical nuances of productivity training with the abstraction of helping you better understand your team, yourself as a leader, and yourself as a person.”

    Chris Villar, Founder & CEO FrontPoint Security
  • “Michael instilled disciplines that I practice to this day, all of which make my busy work and life more productive and enjoyable.”

    Ross Christieson, SVPUS Dairy Export Council
  • “I’ve worked with many trainers and coaches, but the time I've spent with Michael has had the most positive impact on my day to day performance in the shortest space of time.

     Those that say "but I haven't got the time" will benefit the most"

    Scott Carpenter, Head of OperationsFalcon Edge Capital LLP