What if you really got to know yourself more deeply, in a way that you could come forth as a leader and as a human being, and commit to much more powerful commitments?

We all share an innate desire for ongoing growth and development. But we’re usually our own worst enemies; we either can’t find the path to change, or we’re sabotaged by our well-worn patterns of behaviors, emotions and thoughts.

This is where I come in. I’m committed to helping you get out of your own way and break the grip of those old patterns. Through my unique coaching approach, I help clients become more aware of these patterns as they happen, and start engaging in new, more effective practices – practices that lead to a sustainable sense of balance and productivity, and improved effectiveness as a leader.

When you sincerely engage yourself in your own deeper development as a leader, it can be a bumpy ride.  It’s not easy to confront your blindspots and see how they’ve been impacting others.  But as you come to terms with your patterns and what drives them you can start to express your strengths more freely and lead with powerful authenticity.

Everyone I work with is different. Though you may share traits with others I’ve coached, your needs, challenges, and goals are specific to you. By working with you to address your unique situation, my goal is essentially to work myself out of a job – when you become more self-aware and self-correcting, you can continue developing without my help.

The result is often an experience of deeper engagement and satisfaction in your work and life, and a positive impact on those you lead and the results you create together. As you begin to fully show up more freely and effectively, you implicitly encourage others to do the same.

  • “I used to think I wanted more: more accomplishment, more experiences, and more success.

     Ironically, after working with Michael I’m now clear that I need less of these things. What I have now is a greater sense of fulfillment and a much more mindful approach to how I focus my energy and time.”

    Bill Moran, Sr. VPMerrill Lynch
  • “If you’re willing to bring an open mind, and open heart, and a sense of adventure to the table, Michael will help you expand the horizons of your life and help your business grow to the next level.”

    Chris Villar, Founder & CEOFrontPoint Security
  • “Michael helped me to uncover layers of motivations and unquestioned assumptions. I was asking new and increasingly interesting questions of myself during and after each meeting.”

    Steven Wargny, Associate DirectorGenentech